New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has attempted to scheme around the low-quality quarterback room he has rostered, but the Pats can't seem to find an answer. They've started multiple signal callers in Mac Jones and Baily Zappe, both of which have consistently underperformed. Belichick was asked who would be the starter in Sunday's matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers and responded with a classic Belichick answer.

“I'm not going to announce anything,” Belichick said, per Mark Daniels at Mass Live.

This may be in an effort to give the Patriots an edge in the offensive scheme, but it's highly unlikely that the Chargers are losing sleep over who starts. Jones has been extremely turnover-prone and has had immense trouble stretching the field, while Zappe's made a few mistakes in the limited playing times he's gotten.

Belichick may be in a difficult situation, but for someone who's advertised as the greatest coach of all time, better results should come from the Patriots' product. They have talent on the defensive side that should be able to help boost the offense and shorten the field for them. New England also always prides themselves on their special teams unit, so using that as some sort of advantage for the offense should be a priority.

It may be a long shot for the special teams and defense to make that much of an impact on the offense, but something needs to change in New England. Jones has been the starter for a majority of the games and there haven't been flashes of much improvement. The Patriots may be looking past this season already since there isn't one man in the building who can will them toward the postseason.