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Patriots coach Bill Belichick reveals his favorite type of beer

Patriots, Bill Belichick

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick may be a strict man, but he isn’t picky … well, when it comes to his beer.

After Sunday’s 54-13 demolition of the New York Jets, Belichick was spotted celebrating the win along with his girlfriend Linda Holliday and Patriots advisor Matt Patricia. Interestingly, he was seen drinking Budweiser, while Patricia was holding a Corona.

Of course the said photo quickly went viral, and it prompted “The Greg Hill Show” to ask Bill Belichick about his favorite beer.

While some would expect him to answer a high-end brand or something luxurious given his access to such drinks, he refused to name one. Instead, the 69-year-old kept it simple: just a cold beer.

Maybe the Patriots coach just doesn’t want to endorse any brand? After all, as an influential figure in the NFL, his endorsements are surely worth a lot of money.

But thinking past the possible reason as he might just really be a simple man with simple desires, he’s not wrong to say that there’s nothing better than a cold beer.

Perhaps the better question would have been to ask him which is the worst beer he has tasted–aside from a warm beer of course!

Then again, we’ll just let Belichick enjoy his ice-cold beer instead of prying any further.