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Patriots coach Bill Belichick says Rodney Harrison should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Bill Belichick, Patriots, Rodney Harrison

Former NFL defensive back Rodney Harrison notably became the latest entrant into the New England Patriots Hall of Fame on Monday. However, Harrison has yet to hear his name called for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, though such a call could be coming sooner rather than later for the former Patriots standout.

According to longtime Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, Harrison should already be enshrined while the legendary leader hopes that his former player eventually reaches Canton, Ohio.

“I hope through the years here and soon hopefully there will be other Patriots in the NFL Hall of Fame,” Belichick said at the team’s induction ceremony on Monday, via NBC Sports. “This one, Rodney Harrison, deserves to be there.”

Also a member of the then-San Diego Chargers, Harrison’s NFL career certainly took a turn for the better upon making his way to the Patriots.

“I remember the first training camp. I ruffled a few feathers. I had a few fights,” Harrison told the crowd on Monday, via the Boston Herald, “but I wanted to push those guys. I wanted those guys to understand I wanted to be a part of this team. When I first came in, I had Willie (McGinest), and Lawyer Milloy, and somebody else teasing me about not having any Super Bowl rings. So you know what that did, that fired me up, and I went crazy . . .

“And I took it out on Troy Brown,” Harrison added with a wry smile, as the crowd erupted. “And I can say this to you Troy (who was on hand), I don’t apologize for knocking your head off. I would do it all over again.”

Harrison infamously won a pair of Super Bowls during his time in New England.