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Hall of Famer Kurt Warner defends Patriots’ QB Tom Brady amid low ranking by Chris Simms

Tom Brady

NFL analyst Chris Simms made headlines with his list of the top quarterbacks . Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner has since done what he could to ensure that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady gets the respect he deserves.

Warner blasted Simms for listing Brady as the ninth-best quarterback going into the 2019 NFL season. Although some shots have been exchanged, his point remains that the Patriots’ star should be at the top of the list, via WEEI.com:

“I am not worried about the shots,” Warner said. “That is the nature of the business now. It seems like everybody who doesn’t agree with someone, you take shots at someone. It’s just agreeing and making your [argument]. I obviously had Tom Brady No. 1. I don’t know how with the way he continuously has success, continuously has his team in championship form, continues to make plays at the biggest moments — you don’t have to have him No. 1. No problem. I can see some arguments with why you would move him down, but to have him nine or 10 on the list, it’s to be just crazy.

It is safe to say that Simms took offense to being criticized by Warner for his rankings. Despite all the intrigue of the brewing drama between the two, it is clear that the latter would like to keep the focus on where Brady should be listed.

The prospect of him and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees being labeled outside the top-5 of anyone’s rankings would seem a bit far-fetched. The fact that it is a former NFL quarterback and current analyst downplaying their skill set makes it all the more perplexing.

There is no question that Brady and Brees have been the beneficiaries of two of the most innovative offenses in the NFL for the bulk of their careers. It is indeed difficult to imagine them replicating this same kind of success so late in their careers had they not under the tutelage of the likes of head coaches Bill Belichick and Sean Payton. Regardless, that is not the case here as both are set to wrap up their illustrious careers in the same system that made them so successful.