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How Bill Belichick feels about Cam Newton’s hype video

Cam Newton, Bill Belichick, Patriots

When the New England Patriots officially signed Cam Newton, they uncharacteristically released a hype video for the former All-Pro quarterback. While fans were psyched to see the video, Bill Belichick wasn’t fazed by Newton’s hype video.

On Friday, Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal published a piece about New England’s quarterback situation heading into training camp. In an excerpt of the piece, Bedard highlights that a source told him how Belichick felt about Newton’s welcome video:

“You think Bill gives a s–t about any of that?” the source asked. “I’m kind of disappointed you’d even ask.”

Of course, once the video was released, everyone presumed that Newton was going to be handed the starting job with the Patriots. But if there’s anything that people should know about Belichick, it’s that he doesn’t care about previous accomplishments.

The NFL is a ‘what have you done for me lately’ league and Belichick follows that code religiously. And for Newton, in his last two seasons with the Carolina Panthers, he’s dealt with multiple injuries. Including a shoulder ailment that could be a long-term concern for the former NFL MVP.

Without a doubt, as Bedard points out, the Patriots would confidently name Newton the starter if he proves to be healthy in training camp. On the other hand, if he slips up at any moment, New England won’t hesitate to insert Jarrett Stidham as the starter.

Seeing that Newton’s contract is essentially comprised of incentives, Belichick and the Patriots don’t feel pressured to start him immediately.

While Newton continues to post videos of himself working out, Belichick is anxious to see what he looks like once training camps begin before making the ultimate decision at quarterback.