Patriots news: Jamal Adams salutes Bill Belichick for signing Cam Newton
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Jamal Adams salutes Patriots, Bill Belichick for signing Cam Newton

Jamal Adams, Patriots, Bill Belichick, Cam Newton

The New England Patriots made a surprising move on Sunday. They went out and signed veteran superstar free agent Cam Newton to a one-year “incentive-laden” deal.

Now that the Patriots have a quarterback again, everyone is thrusting them right back into contention.

Of course, this has caught the eyes of a lot of players. It appears everyone is happy to see that Newton has landed with a team, and that includes someone that is currently on a rival team to New England.

New York Jets superstar defensive back Jamal Adams took to Twitter to salute New England head coach Bill Belichick for signing Cam Newton.

This is nice and simple. It’s a player happy to see someone he respects get a new home.

However, it probably won’t be viewed that way. See, the thing with Adams is he is one of the best defensive backs in all of football. He has also demanded a trade out of New York, though.

Now, he’s publicly “saluting” coaches of rival teams and congratulating their quarterbacks.

It really is all innocent, but this will definitely stir up some ideas.

Excited Patriots’ fans might take this as a sign that Adams wants to be traded to New England. Meanwhile, upset Jets’ fans might use this to take another stab at the safety. They could say he is doing it simply to annoy everyone.

For now, it’s just one of the best players at a given position congratulating one of the best players at a different position, while saluting one of the best coaches of all time. That first player just so happens to be on the rival team (and has asked to be traded).

That definitely adds to the drama, but let’s remember that football is a brotherhood. They are happy to see each other succeed. And that’s what it looks like Adams was doing right here, rooting for his brothers.