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James Harrison waiting until after NFL Draft to sign with a team

James Harrison does not need to play football anymore. Over the course of his very long career, he has made $43.7 million. So, deciding to go back to the game will not (or at least should not) be motivated by money. But he will be coming back—or at least he wants to.

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, he intends on signing with a team in need of his services following the draft. He probably wants to make sure he goes somewhere that needs him, so he’ll actually play (unlike his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers last season).

Once the Steelers let him go towards the end of the season, the New England Patriots picked him up. Harrison ended up starting for them in the Super Bowl.

While the Patriots have not committed to bringing him back for next season, they have expressed an interest in doing so.

Of course, the big question when it comes to Harrison will be his age. He’ll turn 40 in May. It’s uncommon for any position to play into the 40s. That is especially true for defensive players. Assuming someone picks him up, he’ll become one of five defenders to play at the age of 40.

But he’ll certainly be in good company. The other four were Darrell Green, Jim Marshall, Clay Matthews Jr. and Junior Seau.

It’s a remarkable accomplishment for anyone but especially for an edge pass rusher considering the beating linemen take over the course of their careers. Then again, Harrison is legendary for his workouts, so his body remains in great shape.