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Joe Namath on if Patriots’ Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time

Tom Brady, Joe Namath

The eternal debate for what quarterback is the best of all-time continues to rage on. While recent debates have reignited the conversation surrounding Tom Brady and where he fits amongst the history of the NFL, one legendary quarterback has his mind made up already.

Speaking to Howard Stern (via Pro Football Talk) Joe Namath said that he believes Brady is already the best.

“I would have to say that he’s the best at answering the challenge there ever was, yes,” Namath said when asked if he thinks Brady is the best QB to ever play. “I’ve not seen anybody have that many big games and answer the challenge as well as he has.”

Of course, this answer won’t satisfy everyone, but it isn’t a surprising view. if Brady isn’t the best ever, he’s ridiculously close to it.

His six Super Bowl titles and consistent ability to play well as he ages are all marks of a great, and regardless of how his career ends, he’ll always be remembered as one of the best to ever do it.

As he heads into another season, the New England Patriots once again look to be Super Bowl contenders. While the team has lost the services of legendary tight end Rob Gronkowski, they still have Brady and a very capable crew of players, including a stellar defensive unit that aims to once again help boost the team.

While the rest of the AFC continues to get better, it’s clear the Patriots are the cream of the crop, especially with Brady still playing well.