Things will soon change in New England, as the iconic New England Patriots' No. 12 will no longer line up behind center when the 2020 season starts. Julian Edelman, one of his longtime key receivers, had his reservations about Tom Brady's potential replacements in the past, but it seems that won't be the case with projected starter Jarrett Stidham.

Edelman had been resistant to guys like Jimmy Garoppolo in the past, but it appears the same won't happen with Stidham, the soon-to-be heir of the starting quarterback position,

Mike Giardi of NFL Network spoke with a Pats player to get insight as to how Edelman is adapting to the prospect of a new quarterback in the huddle:


“I think they’re in a good place,” Giardi said during a guest appearance on Felder and Mazz on 98.5 The Sports Hub. ” … It’s interesting, because I think when Jimmy (Garoppolo) was around, Julian wasn’t necessarily — especially early on — arms wide open for Jimmy. And I think that’s not the way that this has played out. … From what I can gather, he’s much more receptive to Stidham and what Stidham brings to the table. I think that Edelman came around on Garoppolo but, in the beginning, that was a shot across Brady’s bow therefore Julian took it as a shot across his bow as well.”

Edelman is a veteran receiver used to a certain standard of vision, maturity, and technical ability after several years catching passes from Brady.

Stidham won't provide those same elements from the jump. He will make mistakes and costly ones at times. Though it is how Edelman chooses to handle those blunders that will eventually determine their relationship.

During this 2020 season, patience will be a more vital component than raw speed or arm accuracy.