Patriots news: Julian Edelman's chances of being traded revealed
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Patriots’ Julian Edelman’s chances of being traded revealed

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After Tom Brady left the New England Patriots, fans were at a loss as to what the team will look like by the start of training camp. Julian Edelman suddenly became the center of trade rumors recently. But it seems like the Pats aren’t planning to let him go any time soon.

Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports Boston essentially shot down any prospects of Edelman leaving the Patriots. The Patriots beat reporter stated that there’s “not a chance in hell” that such a move would happen. There are basically two things that are making the prospect of moving Edelman a hard sell for the Patriots.

He first noted that the cap hit the move would make on the team is a huge problem that they would have to deal with.

There are some other numbers out there that say Edelman’s hit would be $8.3M if he were dealt. That doesn’t take into account the $3.3M in salary that would travel with Edelman and be saved by the Patriots. You also have to project whether or not Edelman achieves a workout bonus and some other bookkeeping to get the real number.

The other factor is Edelman’s age and productivity. While he had been injured for much of the season, he managed to notch 1117 receiving yards and six touchdowns. However, teams are hesitant to trade for a 34-year-old wide receiver whose form can deteriorate at a snap of a finger.

These factors make the issue of moving Edelman difficult. With two more years left in his contract, it may be tough to find a team that will take him.