Patriots news: Mike Tolbert on Bill Belichick's opinion of Cam Newton
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Mike Tolbert reveals what players have said about Bill Belichick’s opinion of Cam Newton

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Mike Tolbert was a running back in the NFL from 2008 until 2017. Of those 10 years, he spent the first four with the San Diego Chargers. After that, he spent five years with the Carolina Panthers, then one final year with the Buffalo Bills, including playing five years with New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton in Carolina.

Now Newton is headed to the New England Patriots on a one-year deal though. There he will team up with legendary coach Bill Belichick in the hopes of making a run at a Super Bowl.

What does Belichick think of Newton though? Well according to Joseph Person of “The Athletic”, Tolbert revealed what players have said about Belichick’s opinion on his new quarterback:

“I’ve been around during games when Bill Belichick has flat out said to Cam he loves his game, continue to do what he’s doing. I know some of the players on the Patriots personally, and they all rave about how Bill’s always praising Cam for his ability,” Tolbert said.

“I really only thought he had two legitimate landing spots. That was New England and Chicago. And I didn’t think Chicago was willing to admit that they were wrong for the (Mitch) Trubisky shit.”

Well, this is great news for Patriots’ fans. And Newton (and Belichick) if we’re being honest with ourselves here.

So the head coach truly does believe in and love his new quarterback’s game. That sounds like they could create some magic.

And the fact that this is not just something Tolbert himself has heard, but supposedly a bunch of players know about is great. It shows that Belichick has praised Newton on multiple occasions, around tons of different people.

As for Tolbert’s other thoughts. Those seem to just be his opinion, although a lot of people would probably agree that the Chicago Bears seemed like a realistic landing spot for Newton at one point this offseason.

The quarterback ended up going to New England though. And it sounds like his head coach could not be happier.