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New England Patriots video focuses on Bengals’ sideline for eight minutes

Bill Belichick, Patriots, Bengals

Spygate redux?

The New England Patriots are being investigated by the NFL for apparently videotaping the Cincinnati Bengals during the Bengals’ Week 14 matchup with the Cleveland Browns, and now, more details are emerging.

According to Paul Denher Jr. of The Athletic, the Patriots taped Cincinnati’s sideline for eight minutes this past Sunday, giving New England a direct view of Bengals players running on and off the field and of the coaches making signals for plays.

Not only that, but the Pats representative who was filming Cincinnati was seated directly in front of a Bengals rep.

While the Patriots have admitted that they “inappropriately filmed the field from the press box,” the club is insisting that the violation was unintentional and that there was no malicious purpose behind it.

Good luck convincing the Bengals of that.

New England plays Cincinnati next weekend in what is suddenly a pivotal matchup for a Pats team that has lost two straight and has gone just 2-3 over its last five games.

Remember: back in 2007, the Patriots were disciplined by the NFL for videotaping signals from New York Jets defensive coaches during an early regular-season game, so this would not be the first time that New England is potentially involved in some nefarious activity.

Of course, the Pats probably don’t even need to be filming the Bengals in order to gain an edge.

Cincinnati is just 1-12 on the season and has a historically bad defense, which should provide the struggling Patriots offense with a terrific opportunity to get back on track.