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Rex Ryan explains why Bill Belichick is to blame for Patriots struggles

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The New England Patriots suffered an ugly Week 1 loss to the Miami Dolphins 20-7. Despite a decent defensive effort, the Patriots offense was, well, offensive. They finished the game with just 271 total yards. Mac Jones struggled to find rhythm passing. The wide receivers could not create any space whatsoever. The running game was mostly stagnant. But this is the roster that head coach Bill Belichick put together.

In case anyone forgot, Rex Ryan was on ESPN’s “Get Up” Tuesday to remind everyone.

“It’s his decision. Every factor in that organization is Bill Belichick’s decision… He earned that right, but going back to last year, bringing in Nelson Agholor, how’s that working for you? Don’t complain about the weapons. You chose those weapons… Nobody can get open. … All these moves that you made, you have no weapons, one of the reasons is because you can’t evaluate them. You’ve done a poor job evaluating the weapons.”

Ryan might not have the most credibility considering his coaching tenure. But it is hard to disagree with his sentiment. Everyone knows that Belichick is in charge of personnel decisions.

The Patriots might be the least talented offense in the entire NFL. It’s been years since Belichick landed an elite wide receiver, but has missed time and time again, whether in the draft or through free agency.

To make matters worse, Belichick lost offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to the Raiders. So, he brought in his friends Matt Patricia and Joe Judge to run the offense. Both of them are defensive coaches. It was very apparent watching their loss to the Dolphins.