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Rex Ryan referred to Bill Belichick as the ‘devil’ while discussing Patriots-Chargers matchup

Bill Belichick, Rex Ryan

The New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Chargers will face off this Sunday in Foxborough in a highly anticipated matchup. Former NFL head coach Rex Ryan knows firsthand how fantastic Patriots coach Bill Belichick is, but he is not counting Los Angeles Chargers second-year coach Anthony Lynn. ESPN staff writer Mike Reiss documented Ryan’s praise for Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn ahead of this Sunday’s matchup with the Patriots.

“I can tell you this about Anthony: He’s not going to be intimidated by Bill Belichick, and a lot of coaches are. But Anthony is not intimidated by the devil,” said Ryan, the two-time NFL head coach now working as a football analyst at ESPN. “In fact, he’ll look forward to this matchup, and I think that’s the difference between Anthony and almost every coach. That’s just him.”

Ryan continued to praise Lynn ahead of Sunday’s matchup and knows that this will be a hard fought battle between the two teams. “I loved surrounding myself with tough people and tough-minded guys, and this guy is a legitimate tough guy,” Ryan said. “And he knows the game. He’s smart.”

The experience between the two head coaches is obviously in Belichick’s favor, but Ryan suggests Lynn is up and coming great in the head-coaching circle. Ryan went as far to suggest Lynn is already among some of the league’s best head coaches.

“Belichick is the best of all-time, so there’s where the confidence lies in him. But Anthony Lynn is the best this year. I think Anthony has done the best job in the league.”