On Friday, the New England Patriots released wide receiver Antonio Brown. The attempted king of hot takes, ESPN's Ryan Hollins, decided to chime in with his thoughts.

Hollins notes that “Antonio Brown could've played his last days in the NFL” with the Patriots. Said the former NBA player:

“Ultimately, this gets very interesting. Because if you're a team that is looking to contend — the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, may be getting on the phone, the Rams maybe getting into the mix, the Saints. … Every NFL team could use Antonio Brown, it's not a question of that. But, ultimately, will he ever play football again? I don't know, and anybody that says they do know, they are fooling themselves.”

Hollins mentions the Dallas Cowboys, the Los Angeles Rams, and New Orleans Saints as potential options for Brown. Would any of these teams sign them? Probably not considering that he has allegations filed his way for sexual assault and rape, disturbing messages and failure to pay people.

The Cowboys, Rams, and Saints likely don't want that cloud hanging over their head while they vie for playoff spots. As Hollins notes, it's hard to find or predict a place for Brown because of who he is — he's had an offseason that would make for the longest 30 for 30 ESPN has ever produced.

In the end, Hollins is right. You are fooling yourself if you know what is next for Brown. If the Patriots gave up on a perennial Pro Bowler after 11 days, who could convince themselves of picking him up?