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Shannon Sharpe says Patriots’ Tom Brady is ‘running on fumes’

Shannon Sharpe, Tom Brady

There has been plenty of speculation regarding the future of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Former player and NFL analyst Shannon Sharpe is not too keen on the idea of a potential resurgence for him elsewhere.

Brady and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees have made it clear that they will be sticking around for the 2020 NFL season. Unlike Brees, Sharpe feels Brady does not have much gas left in the tank, via FS1’s UNDISPUTED:

“Moving forward, Drew Brees is a better, more valuable (quarterback)… because I believe he has more in the tank,” Sharpe said. “Tom Brady is on fumes. If I’m him, the next gas station, I’m not passing it. I’m going to fill up, because sometimes you’re like, ‘No, I can get something cheaper down the road.’ Don’t you pass that gas station, Tom, because it’s almost over.”

There is no question that both players have long been in the final stretch of their respective careers. Although Brady may be the more accomplished quarterback, he also has two more years on his body than his fellow signal-caller. It seems Sharpe feels that his age is starting to show.

Brady is coming off a shaky 2019 NFL season, however, his underwhelming performance could be attributed to the lackluster supporting cast in the Patriots offense. It is safe to say that the six-time Super Bowl champ would love nothing more than to load up with a high-powered group for the final years of his career.

While New England is reportedly doing what it can to shore up some firepower this offseason, it remains to be seen if it will come at the cost of potentially not being able to meet Brady’s asking price.