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Patriots QB Tom Brady discusses plays he and Josh McDaniels added the morning of the AFC title game

Tom Brady, Josh McDaniels

The New England Patriots are officially Super Bowl-bound for the third consecutive season. Splitting the team’s last two meetings in the NFL’s championship game, the Patriots are looking to make it two out of the last three with a chance to rebound from last year’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

With the Los Angeles Rams now on the immediate horizon for heralded quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots, it was the Kansas City Chiefs that notably took New England down to the wire at Arrowhead Stadium over the weekend. As the Patriots managed to squeak by the high-powered Chiefs in overtime on Sunday evening, the aforementioned Brady has since shed even more light on his team’s most recent victory.

“I don’t think anything is too rare for us anymore,” Brady said, via 247 Sports. “We’ve been in so many big games and situations and [offensive coordinator] Josh [McDaniels] — the preparation goes right up until the beginning of the game. A lot of time you think the mental preparation is done on Friday morning after you install your last bit of the game plan. Most of it is done on Tuesday. You watch film all day on Monday, you kind of come up with a plan on Tuesday and then you just practice the plan Wednesday, Thursday and then you have a little install Friday.”

It gets even more impressive as Brady then admitted to installing plays all the way up until Sunday morning!

“We’re probably unique in that I would say Josh will watch a ton of film Saturday and we’ll come in Sunday and he will say, ‘Alright guys, I have been watching and based on all the things that have happened this week, we’re going to go with these installs and call plays we haven’t even practiced.’ I think that is part of being on our team, being a really smart football player and adapting and adjusting.”

One of these last-minute installations was a crucial 3rd-down conversion to Rob Gronkowski in overtime just before New England’s game-winning touchdown.