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Tom Brady’s former teammate Christian Fauria clarifies comments about Brady leaving the Patriots

Tom Brady, Christian Fauria, Patriots

Christian Fauria, a former teammate of Tom Brady, made headlines when he said that the New England Patriots have a ‘99.6 percent’ chance of moving on from Brady. After making the remarks on the WEEI Sports Radio Network, Fauria is attempting to clarify his comments about Brady leaving the Patriots.

The retired tight end created a video on Twitter to address the people that took his comments as absolute truth. Throughout the short video, Fauria makes it clear that it’s his opinion that Brady is departing New England this offseason.

Despite Fauria stating the comments as an opinion when he originally said it, some news outlets skewed his words. Due to Fauria playing with Brady from 2002-2005, everyone is going to assume he received information from someone close to Brady or Brady himself.

However, the former Patriots tight end had to share that he didn’t form his opinion from a source. No offense to Fauria, but when he makes a decision, he likely won’t inform a former teammate of his first.

Fauria isn’t the only former player that’s found himself in the middle of a media firestorm involving Brady. Recently, Michael Irvin exclaimed that ‘significant people’ have told him that the Dallas Cowboys could pursue Brady in free agency.

After his comments were misconstrued, Irvin had to clarify that his source wasn’t within the Cowboys organization. If these situations prove anything, it’s that this offseason is going to be filled with fake rumors surrounding Brady.