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Patriots QB Tom Brady revels in irritating opposing defenses by scrambling

Tom Brady, Patriots

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady ran for a first down on Thursday night, and he hopes that really frustrated the defense. Brady running for a first down is shocking because he isn’t mobile, but it was even more surprising to see him do it during a meaningless preseason game.

Brady revealed after the game just how much he enjoys running for first downs, not only because it helps the team, but also because he wants to piss off the defense.

“I think those are important plays,” Brady said, via MassLive.com. To get a first down conversion on me scrambling, I’m sure the defensive coordinator is like ‘What the heck. We gotta stop [Julian] Edelman, we gotta stop [James] White, we gotta stop the run game. We gotta stop these great players and all of a sudden Brady for a scramble.’ That’s gotta piss ’em off pretty good. I revel in that.”

Brady used his sneaky running ability to get ten first downs last season and this season he has even loftier goals for his legs.

“Hopefully I can do that once a game,” Brady said. “I think I’d be good with that. If they give the the opportunity, I’ll take it. I just don’t think it can be much more than four or five yards.”

Brady is smart when he decides to run and doesn’t take a big hit often when rushing, and that is going to be the key again this year. Brady is 42 years old and the fewer hits he has to take the better off he is.