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Tom Brady tells Titans coach Mike Vrabel to ‘pay attention to his own sh*t’

Tom Brady, Patriots, Mike Vrabel, Titans

The New England Patriots are in Tennessee this week to take part in some joint practices, and quarterback Tom Brady is already taking some shots at Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel.

Brady was walking onto the practice field, which prompted Vrabel to give the future Hall of Famer a hard time. Brady made sure to put Vrabel back into his place, telling the Titans coach to “pay attention to his own sh*t.”

First look at the video might raise some eyebrows, but it’s pretty clear the two guys were joking around. Mike Vrabel was a member of the Patriots from 2001-2008 as a player, and the two friends won a couple of Super Bowls together. Training camp can be a grind for everyone and it’s clear that both of these guys are just trying to have a little fun heading into another day of practice.

Vrabel’s relationship with Brady and Bill Belichick is a big reason that the two teams decided to hold joint practices leading up to their preseason game on Saturday night.

This is still training camp and a preseason game, but the Patriots might be putting a little extra into these practices and game because of what happened last year.

Week 10 of last season the two teams faced off, and it was the Titans who dominated the game-winning 34-10. The Titans are expected to have a very good defense again this year, so this is going to be a good test for Brady and the rest of the offense.