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Tony Romo compares Patriots duo of Bill Belichick, Tom Brady to married couple

Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Patriots

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been a duo for a long time and have enjoyed a ton of success with the New England Patriots.

However, like any duo that have been together for as long as they have been, they have had their fights and trials over the years, and that’s why Tony Romo thinks they are like a married couple. Romo also thinks it’s a big reason why there have been so many rumors over the past couple years about the two not seeing eye to eye.

“I just think when you are together for 15-20 years, whatever it is, I think invariably when you’ve had the success that they have had people have to come up with stuff,” Romo said on NFL Network recently. “I also think I have been upset with my coaches before and then you come back and you’re fine, and then you get upset with them and then you’re fine. It’s part of just sports. When you are winning at that level, I think there are a lot of reasons that you do. Tom Brady being there is a big reason, obviously. Bill Belichick being there, it’s a big, big reason. I don’t really think there is a whole lot to it. I think they probably squabble just like any married couple for 20 years and they also love each other.”

No matter if the two guys fight, they know how important they are together for success to the Patriots. Romo also said in the interview he doesn’t think that Brady will play for another team. Who know’s how many years the two have together, but the expectation is that they will stay together with the Patriots.

The Patriots open up training camp in less than two weeks, and the expectations are no different this year in New England. Anything less than coming home with another Super Bowl will be considered a disappointment.

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