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Rumor: WWE hoping to sign New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski

There has been a huge cloud of uncertainty surrounding New England Patriots All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski’s future in the NFL in the time that has followed Super Bowl 52.

Along those same lines, there has been a growing notion that Gronkowski could be looking to step away from football to shift his career path over to professional wrestling. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, the 28-year-old has drawn significant interest from the WWE to be signed a part-time deal similar to what former MMA star Ronda Rousey has been offered.

“This comes at the same time that reports from wrestling indicate WWE is willing to offer a similar style deal to Gronkowski that they offered to Ronda Rousey. Given that would be making far less money than he would make in football, it’s hard to say, but he’s been hurt a lot in football and while wrestling full-time is very hard on the body as well, a part-time deal isn’t so bad. Gronkowski obviously likes wrestling, as he’s been at many WWE events when Rawley was there, including in developmental, and of course, was already part of one WrestleMania, which led to Rawley winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, and then they did nothing with him afterwards, so it was more a way to get Gronkowski and ESPN and mainstream sports coverage than to get one of their guys over to star level.”

Gronkowski already has much familiarity with the WWE given that he has been involved in some sort of capacity with the business over the last couple of years. He enjoyed a part in WrestleMania 33 helping his close friend Mojo Rawley win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal by tackling Jinder Mahal. He followed that up shortly after by doing another angle with Mahal at a Smackdown Live show.

On top of that, Rawley has already hinted that it’s just a matter of time before Gronkowski makes the jump over to the WWE once he decides his NFL career is finished. It is no secret that he has plenty of passion for professional wrestling that has only heightened as time has passed.

Ultimately, all of this should be sorted out at some point over the offseason. Keep in mind, Gronkowski still has two years left on his six-year, $54 million deal that will pay him $22.9 million over the remainder of the contract.