Patriots video: Bill Belichick on Rob Gronkowski denting Lombardi Trophy
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Video: Bill Belichick tells Rob Gronkowski ‘nice job’ denting Lombardi Trophy

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Rob Gronkowski was back with his former teammates on Thursday night receiving his Super Bowl ring, and Bill Belichick took the opportunity to have a little fun at the expense of the retired superstar. In a video posted by the Patriots Twitter account, Rob Gronkowski is seen holding a trophy and Belichick noticed it was dented telling him “nice job.”

Gronkowski dented the Lombardi Trophy at Fenway Park when the Patriots were helping the Boston Red Sox celebrate their 2018 World Series title. Before taking the field to do the ceremonial first pitch the players decided they needed to practice.

Gronkowski posed as a batter so Julian Edelman would have a target to throw at. When Edelman threw the pitch Gronkowski decided to lay down a bunt using the Lombardi Trophy as a bat and a result a dent formed.

Looking at the video it appears the Patriots haven’t taken the dent out of the trophy which is a bit of a surprise but it’s also a good story to tell.

The Patriots have plenty of other trophies that don’t have dents in that they can show off if they need to. Belichick and Gronkowski and the rest of the Patriots were all smiles getting their Super Bowl rings and maybe being around the guys is what he needs to think about coming back to play with the team this upcoming season.

The Patriots still have a lot of questions going forward at the tight end position and getting Gronk back in the fold would answer almost all of them.