Patriots video: Tom Brady's message for Rob Gronkowski
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Video: Tom Brady’s message for Rob Gronkowski after yelling at him vs. Chiefs

Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski have been with each other for a long time but even so, they have been known to get mad at each other a time or two and that seemed to be the case against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Before a play late in the second quarter, the microphones picked up Brady yelling at Gronkowski to stand up and Brady ended up having to call a timeout.

It’s unclear if that’s what led Brady to call the timeout but it was clear that Brady was not very happy with his star tight end. Gronkowski was invisible for most of the game before a late catch helped seal the victory for the team.

Brady must have gotten word of the TV picking up him yelling at Gronk because when he took to Instagram to talk about the big win, and made sure it was clear if Gronk continued to stiff arm people like that, he could continue to crouch in his stance.

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W (Lay down @gronk! Go to sleep!)

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“Gronk, you can line up however you want if you keep stiff-arming people like that,” Brady said.

The two are competitors so it’s not surprising that on the field there is some bickering but off the field, they are still good friends.

Gronkowski made it clear this offseason that he wanted to stay with Brady and the Patriots and if the team traded him he would probably retire from the NFL. Gronk has been dealing with injuries to start the season but as he gets healthier his game will pick up, and be key as the Patriots try to make another run at the Super Bowl.