Despite some of his collegues dismissing themselves from the tournament games, Pacers star Paul Gerorge will keep his commitment to Team USA and play in the Olympic games in Rio this summer.

After completing a successful rehab of breaking his leg during a scrimmage for Team USA two years ago, he is ready to continue where he left off, and that is working on bringing a gold medal back to the USA.


paul george
NBAE/Getty Images

Jerry Coleangelo promised George a spot on the team if he made it back to health, and that's exactly what is about to happen.


The threat of Zika can't keep him from playing this year even with the growing list of top players deciding the risk is not worth it, but that doesn't mean the competition will have an easier time in the tournament than previous years.

George gave his thoughts earlier this month about his plans to play, and everyone is looking forward to seeing him there.


I was just hesitant on the simple fact that, the past couple years has obviously been tough for me—just felt like I didn't have enough time to myself, and time to recover, and you know, give my body a rest. I didn't want to jump out of a season, jump right into the Olympics. But I think I kind of said that too prematurely.

I didn't give myself enough time to really think it through. I think since I've been off, my body's telling me yes, my mind is telling me yes, people around me are telling me yes. So I feel good about it. And, you know … I want to give it a shot.

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