Paul McCartney rarely changes his setlists. But this leg of the “Got Back” tour has seem some changes from solo and Beatles solo hits being played. During his latest show in Mexico, McCartney switched it up in a big way.

“I Saw Her Standing There”

The Beatles single She's a Woman, Got Back tour poster, Paul McCartney

At his latest “Got Back” gig, McCartney opened his concert with “A Hard Day's Night.” Since opening the “Got Back” tour, McCartney opened his shows with a different Beatles hit, “Can't Buy Me Love.”

Granted, this isn't the craziest switch ever. Prior to the “Got Back” tour, Macca used “A Hard Day's Night” as an opener dating back to 2016's “One on One” tour. Before then, he was using “Eight Days a Week” as an opener.

Later in the show, McCartney and his band played “I Saw Her Standing There” from the Beatles' first album, Please Please Me. It used to be a fixture of his setlists, In recent years, the song has only been played one time on his 2019, 2022, and 2023 tours.

“I Saw Her Standing There” is one of the Beatles' most iconic songs. It's unknown why McCartney dropped the song from his setlists, but it's nice to see it resurface. The “Got Back” tour has been full of nice surprises like “Coming Up” and “She's a Woman” amid very familiar sets.

Paul McCartney is fresh off of the release of the “last” Beatles song, “Now and Then.” Despite being 81-years-old, McCartney has continued putting out new material and touring since the Beatles breakup. In the past decade, he's embarked on four solo tours and released three albums of new material.