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PAX West will require convention-goers to have negative COVID-19 test results

PAX West key visual

PAX West will be pushing through this year as planned, with the convention returning to Seattle this year. However, not everyone who’s going to the convention center will be allowed to enter the convention premises.

PAX announced on Wednesday that negative COVID-19 test results will now be required from all participants. They released a tweet to make the announcement, with a full statement on their website. This is to comply with the recommendations of state and local public health authorities. “Prior to entry we will now require proof of a completed COVID-19 vaccination series or a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test,” reads the statement, “each to be verified with a valid, government issued ID.” Of course, this still stands true for those who already have been vaccinated against the virus, as they can still be carriers for the pathogen.

It’s not all negative news, (sort of), as PAX also announced that their previously sold-out 4-day pass tickets are back on sale. This might be the right time for you to book new tickets, as surely there will be some who will cancel their participation because of this announcement. Not everyone appreciates COVID-19 health protocols, after all, or so it seems. Nevertheless, PAX’s events come with PAX’s rules, and no convention-goer can say no to their requirements if these protocols are to be followed.