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Alan Foster claims LaVar Ball overworked, didn’t train Pelicans’ Lonzo, LiAngelo, LaMelo properly


For the first time since being accused of stealing money from the Big Baller Brand, Alan Foster has decided to speak up and give his side on what really happened between him, his co-founder with BBB LaVar Ball, and New Orleans Pelicans’ Lonzo Ball.

Foster aired his side on his YouTube channel, which debuted on Thursday, and he used his first video to explain everything. He also accused LaVar of not training his sons properly, per Christian Rivas of USA Today.

“It’s LaVar’s fault for driving him into the ground when he was a kid. He had the boys running on cement, running hills on concrete. Can you imagine the damage that does on your knees? On your ankles? And then, when they play in the game — whether it’s AAU, high school —LaVar requested that they stayed in the full game with no breaks, no rest. So, Lonzo’s 21 years old but his ankles are really like 31 years old.”

LaVar has stated on multiple occasions that he trained his sons to be able to stay on the court for a full game, so Foster’s claims match what the Ball family patriarch has been saying all along.

Last season, Ball has played roughly 30 minutes per game for the Los Angeles Lakers, but he’s been in and out of the lineup due to injuries, particularly in his lower body. He only appeared in 47 games for the Purple and Gold last season, and his inability to stay healthy is one of the main reasons why he was included in the trade that allowed LA to land Anthony Davis.

Expect LaVar to respond to Foster’s accusations over the next couple of days. After all, he’s not someone who stays silent for a long time. So buckle up folks, if you’ve been following the Ball family, you know that this is about to be another drama-filled season.