Pelicans news: Anthony Davis addresses playing time in New Orleans
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Anthony Davis addresses playing time with the Pelicans

Anthony Davis, Pelicans

After the New Orleans Pelicans opted against trading away Anthony Davis before the deadline, the resulting situation involving Davis, the franchise, and the league has been a little awkward to say the least.

There has been some back and forth between the NBA and New Orleans regarding how Anthony Davis should be played. In speaking with Jared Greenberg of NBA TV, Davis himself opened up a little about his playing time.

Prior to informing New Orleans he would not sign an extension in the summer and would not be staying long-term, Davis played a hefty number of minutes. In those 41 games, The Brow logged 37.1 minutes per game and only played under 30 minutes four times — never once under 25 minutes.

However, in the five games he has played since the passing of the trade deadline, his playing time has dramatically dropped. He has only played at least 30 minutes once and featured for under 20 minutes twice.

It is a tough situation, as the Pelicans obviously have a vested interest in minimizing the possibility of Davis hurting himself on the court. A serious injury could derail their ability to bring in the type of return for trading Davis they have been expecting to receive.

On the other hand, though, the NBA has to ensure that each team is putting out the best possible product they can for the sake of the fan and optics surrounding the league.

Davis saying all the right things, like he did in speaking with Greenberg, will hopefully buy the team a little more time as the end of the season draws near.