Anthony Davis says other Pelicans aren't worried about his future
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Anthony Davis says other Pelicans aren’t worried about his future

The constant rumors surrounding New Orleans Pelicans big man Anthony Davis have surprisingly left his teammates unbothered, as they have managed to tune out the outside noise, much like the star himself has managed to do through the early get-go.

“Nah, my team doesn’t care. They cherish the moments that they have with me,” Davis told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. “Every day we try to put in the work to be a great team. They hear it, I hear it. Everybody hears it. It’s hard not to. But we’re focused on what we have to do this year. We’re trying to beat teams like the Warriors and get to where they are. That’s our goal. That’s it.”

The noise surrounding Davis’ next venture is incessant, with reportedly as many as five different teams expected to give him a serious look during free agency, giving the Pelicans plenty of competition for his services.

Davis has maintained his love for the city of New Orleans and his desire to remain with the team, but that can soon change if this team falls short of expectations and doesn’t take another step during the playoffs after falling swiftly in the second round.

The Brow is hitting his prime and doing so with monster numbers, but those won’t mean a thing if he can’t materialize them into wins, and most importantly, championships down the road. If he is to shoot for a championship this year, his teammates better tune the noise out for the entire season and focus all their energy into creating a good support role for Davis.