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Jonas Valanciunas savagely trolls LeBron James with crybaby gesture

Jonas Valanciunas, Pelicans, LeBron James

NBA players in today’s generation often get called, “soft.” However, it is typically fans or old-heads who refer to them in this manner. They are quick to call out today’s star-studded generation of players for flopping and complaining about calls. But a current NBA player recently called out LeBron James. New Orleans’ Pelicans big man Jonas Valanciunas trolled LeBron during a game of charades.

Valanciunas was playing charades in front of a live audience in Lithuania. The Pelicans big man stood up and began fake crying. This drew plenty of laughter from the live audience. He then pretended to fall over after getting knocked down, a move that clearly imitated flopping in the NBA. The guesser officially got the correct answer: LeBron James.

Jonas Valanciunas and LeBron James don’t have any well-known beef with one another. Valanciunas was likely just attempting to make the crowd laugh, which he certainly succeeded in doing.

Valanciunas has quietly been one of the more productive big men in the NBA over the past couple of years. He averaged 18 points and just under 11.5 rebounds per game last season. For his career, Valanciunas has averaged over 13 points and 9.5 rebounds per contest. His rebounding prowess has been crucial to his overall success.

As for LeBron James, he is still one of the best players in basketball despite being 37 years old. Some even consider LeBron to be the greatest player of all-time. Nonetheless, James has a reputation for flopping. The fact that the guesser in the charades game realized Jonas Valanciunas was intimidating LeBron James all the way in Lithuania tells you what you need to know about LeBron’s flopping reputation.