Pelicans news: Josh Hart shows off gaming setup in Orlando hotel room
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Pelicans’ Josh Hart shows off his gaming setup in Orlando hotel room

Josh Hart, Pelicans

As the NBA players get acclimated to their new “campus” digs at the Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, New Orleans Pelicans guard Josh Harta noted gamer—has set up one essential aspect of his temporary home at The Yacht Club hotel.

Hart showed off his (modest) gaming set-up for the time being, which featured a dual-screen situation with “Call of Duty” ready to go.

“Necessities!! (Pending how strong this Wi-Fi is)”, Hart tweeted on Wednesday.

In addition to multiple exuberant tweets about Christian Pulisic and his beloved Chelsea, Hart has been providing some live updates and reaction to the Orlando bubble.

On Tuesday, he mentioned that he was “Going to try and get a stream in tonight!”

Hart is, predictably, not the only player bringing a full gaming set-up to Disney World. The Pelicans guard playfully roasted Phoenix Suns’ center DeAndre Ayton’s…dedication to his craft. “Lmaooo he got the whole monitor in his hand,” Hart quote-tweeted late Tuesday night.

In response, Meyers Leonard of the Miami Heat replied “Wait til you see what I’m pulling up with … Full wooden crate for my @ORIGINPC, 1 monitor fully protected and a massive traveling bin full of every streaming accessory”.

Hart then clowned Leonard (and implicitly Ayton), noting that his players are allowed to receive packages whilst quarantined in Orlando. “Man idk why yall acting like we can’t get packages…if yall don’t just ship stuff there lol,” he wrote.

Of course, that message also indicates that Hart’s current gaming may improve, and it’s safe to assume Hart will happily post any upgrades to social media.