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Pelicans’ Jrue Holiday says Anthony Davis remains supportive despite trade chatter

jrue holiday, anthony davis

The New Orleans Pelicans are currently involved in the NBA’s biggest trade talk at the moment, as their superstar Anthony Davis recently requested to be dealt away from the Big Easy. Despite all the rumors, Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday said that the All-Star forward remains supportive of the team, according to an interview with ESPN’s Royce Young.

“I feel like with Anthony here, he’s still very encouraging, he’s definitely a team player, an ultimate professional. But as a team, I think we’re trying to feed off each other, help each other out.”

Davis’ relationship with his teammates seems unaffected by the recent trade chatter, as he seems to be on the Pelicans players’ good side. Jahlil Okafor even said that Davis took them to dinner a few days ago.

But this doesn’t change anything; Davis still wants out of New Orleans and the Pelicans are still struggling as a team. Right now, it is unclear if both sides will come to terms with a deal before the trade deadline, but it has been reported that the Pelicans’ front office will deal with this matter in their own time.

The most likely destination for Davis at the moment is the Los Angeles Lakers, who are reportedly assembling the most compelling package to acquire the All-NBA forward and team him up with LeBron James. The Lakers have recently made all of their young assets available in trade talks — something that they were hesitant to do over the past couple of months.

The trade deadline is just a week away, and it is still not clear if both teams will be able to agree to a deal come February 7.