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Pelicans’ Lonzo Ball gets honest on adjusting much-maligned shooting form

Pelicans, Lonzo Ball

New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball has been one of the more interesting individual narratives in the league. From having a wacky jump shot back in his days with the Los Angeles Lakers, Ball slowly and surely fixed his shooting form, as well as his percentage.

For Ball, correcting his form is part of his occupation, but the credit does not solely belong to him.

Per Pelicans reporter Jim Eichenhofer, Ball explained the reason why he worked on his shot. For him, the reason is really simple. His older shot wasn’t getting the job done and so he spent hours and hours in the gym.

“I mean, this is my job. We’re paid to get in the gym. I came in, and my shot wasn’t working. All the credit goes to Fred (Vinson). You see the work paying off,” the Pelicansplaymaker said.

Against the Houston Rockets on Sunday, Ball finished with a game-high 27 points on 8-0f-15 shooting from distance. All of his made field goals were from deep.

Statistics reveal the great improvement in Lonzo Ball’s shooting, based on numbers culled by FiveThirtyEight. Back when he was donning the Purple and Gold jersey, his 3-point percentage in catch-and-shoot situations was at 32.9 percent. However, with the Pelicans, he’s shooting at a stellar 44.5 percent from deep in catch-and-shoots.

In contested 3-pointers, he shot 32.9 percent as a Laker and is now shooting 38.0 percent. In wide-open 3-point jumpers (with closest defender at least six feet away), Ball shot 32.8 percent as a Laker and is now at 38.2 percent. Finally, when coming off screens, Ball shot 29.0 percent before and now, he’s at 35.5 percent.

From being one of the most lambasted player in the league, Ball is now racking up the praise from fans and analysts. His hard work is definitely paying off for him and the Pelicans.