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Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball hails LaMelo as far superior compared to him

Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball, Pelicans

New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball firmly believes his youngest brother, LaMelo Ball, is more talented than him.

In an appearance on the LighHarted Podcast, the second overall pick of the 2017 NBA Draft talked about the potential of LaMelo, who is set to play in the NBL in the upcoming season. According to Lonzo, if it’s about talent, the 18-year-old NBA prospect “got the most talent by far” and it’s “not even close.”

Via Christian Rivas of Lonzo Wire:

“If you look at just talent-wise, he’s got the most talent by far. I mean, it’s not even close and plus the height he’s getting now. He just all of a sudden got to 6’6”, I don’t know how. I feel like he was 5’10” when I played with him, so, I mean, the ceiling’s up for him — sky’s the limit,” Lonzo Ball said.

“I’m just making sure he keeps his head on straight because, you know, in today’s world at 17 with however many followers he has, it can be a lot. I’m just making sure he stays focused and sticks to the grind.”

LaMelo Ball will spend the next year playing for the Illawarra Hawks of the NBL. His fate in next year’s draft will depend on how well he performs, but if he does live up to the hype, he might just be selected in the top five of his draft class.

Of course, this might just be another way for the Ball family to help raise the stocks of LaMelo. Remember, LaVar has said a lot of things about Lonzo before he entered the draft in 2017. So far, he has yet to prove his father right.

While Lonzo’s statement about LaMelo isn’t as exaggerated as his father’s, it’s best to treat this with a grain of salt.