The Pittsburgh Penguins are at a major crossroads when it comes to the future, with multiple key players on expiring contracts and not much financial wiggle room to work with. The futures of certain key players are certainly in jeopardy, including Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang, and Bryan Rust, who all could hit free agency this year. According to The Athletic's Rob Rossi, during an appearance on 937 The Fan, the Penguins' latest offers submitted to Letang and Malkin reportedly “did not sit well with” franchise legend and team captain Sidney Crosby.

Via Andrew Fillipponi, the Penguins offered both Malkin and Letang a 3-year deal worth $15 million. Those are considerable lowballs for players of their caliber, and the Penguins' disrespectful offer to two key veterans has apparently left Crosby with a sour taste in his mouth.

It's safe to say, if there's any truth to these rumors, that things did not work out the way the Penguins were hoping. Not only did they insult two of their franchise's most respected players, but they also managed to upset their captain and the most beloved player in franchise history.

After an early exit in the playoffs following a blown 3-1 lead over the New York Rangers, it was known the Penguins would have to make some big decisions in the offseason. However, it seems their early approach has put them in a very bad position going forward. There's likely no way that Letang or Malkin returns on those deals, so unless Pittsburgh is willing to significantly increase the ante, they've all but confirmed an exit is looming.

Not only do they still have to make up their minds regarding Rust, but now the rumors suggest their captain is also unhappy. Things could very well be unraveling for the Penguins with so many key cogs facing a questionable future.