From the developers that gave us “Outer Worlds” comes a brand new game RPG that is sure to be an enjoyable experience for fans. Pentiment is a new game title being developed by Obsidian Entertainment and its release is very close.

Pentiment Release Date: November 15, 2022

Pentiment is a narrative-based game that puts the player in the shoes of Andreas Maler. Andreas Maler is a traveling artist in 16th century Bavaria who witnesses different cataclysmic events that happen around him. The game puts the players through murders and scandals where choices and investigations affect the main outcome of the story. The characters the players will interact with will have a huge impact into how the narrative plays out. The different choices that the player makes has a high impact on how the game’s narrative proceeds. Aside from the story, the world’s design is vibrant and illustrative. The art style throughout the game is very reminiscent of the era the game takes place in.

The gameplay is also another noteworthy aspect of the game. To solve these mysteries, the game puts the players through several trials that also have a high narrative impact. The narrative impact comes from how well the player does in these trials. These trials can range from stealth missions to steal information all the way to speech checks trying to pry information from the characters in the game.

With Obsidian Entertainment having developed a bunch of successful narrative-based games, a lot of fans, both old and new, are excited to experience this vivid game considering its unique art style.

Pentiment will release on the XBOX Game Pass which means fans can expect to be able to play this on PC, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X.

The Pentiment release date is on November 15 2022.