Pioneers of Pagonia is getting new updates, as Envision Entertainment recently launched its Shared Co-op mode. This new feature gives up to four players access to one world. In addition to sharing the world, players alongside their faction of friends can now build structures simultaneously.

With the launch of the new Shared Co-op mode, fans of the game might be wondering what else is in store. Thankfully, Envision Entertainment provided a roadmap for the upcoming features in Pioneers of Pagonia.

Pioneers of Pagonia Roadmap

The next planned update will launch sometime in June. This update will improve the game’s mining system. Players will now be able to produce silver and gold via subsurface mining.

On top of the mining update, the developers will improve the game’s combat. New enemy scavengers and steel combat units are set to enter the game. Lastly, the Monument of Wisdom is coming in the next update alongside the new Geologist.

Come the third quarter of 2024, Envision Entertainment will release a magic update. More enemies known as “The Cursed” are coming to the game. Players will also have access to Warlocks and Sorceresses through the Eternal Academy. Other upcoming features include new magical weapons, a Gem Mine and Jewelry, a Gigantic Sanctuary, and a Treasure Hunter.

As for this year’s fourth quarter, the developers have yet to make any announcements. For now, they are hard at work maintaining the game’s quality of life such as the extensive food system and building efficiency. They are also adding a new farm field management alongside road and building snapping.

Lastly, given how Pioneers of Pagonia is still in early access, more content is surely to come. According to Envision Entertainment’s roadmap update, several new updates are soon coming to the game. Here’s a full list of the upcoming features:

  • Bigger Map
  • Brewery & Vinyard
  • Decorations
  • Extended Objectives
  • Further Lore and Backstory Details
  • Map Obstacles
  • Modding Support
Pioneers of Pagonia Road Map
PoP Road Map

Pioneers of Pagonia’s most recent Shared Co-op update helped boost its status on Steam. Its ratings went from Very Positive to Mostly Positive. Given this factor, we can only assume that more encouraging reviews will come out especially when the highly anticipated new content will launch.

In our Pioneers of Pagonia Review, we gave the game a 7/10 Early Access Score, concluding that:

“If you’re not too keen on city-builders or are not confident in your city management skills, you might want to wait for a sale. The game is still fun to play even if you have very little city-building experience, as the charming presentation can get you some good laughs and make you feel warm inside even if you’re not really working towards the game’s objectives. But the game’s rather steep learning curve might be a deal-breaker for some, as its UI and gameplay mechanics only feel intuitive to those who are already familiar with the genre.”

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