Paul Skenes has taken off as a superstar in the MLB in his rookie campaign. He looks every part of being an ace for the long haul and the Pittsburgh Pirates are in hog heaven. However, the star pitcher recently shared how his girlfriend, Olivia Dunne, is helping him along the way.

Dunne is a superstar in her own right after becoming famous on social media while being a gymnast at LSU. During an interview on The MLB Network, Skenes reveals that she has helped him how to manage the hype of being a household name.

“It's been great. She's helped me in a lot of ways in terms of managing all the hype… How to manage everything that goes around being a pro athlete, [because] she's kinda lived it.”

As it appears Paul Skenes and Olivia Dunne are a true power couple. Both of them have become stars in their respective sports and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. Especially in the sports world where they are both continuing to rise the charts.

The Pirates star has looked like a stud since day one. So far this season he's recording an impressive 2.29 ERA with 53 strikeouts and a 0.992 WHIP. He's played a huge part in helping Pittsburgh remain in the playoff hunt in the National League Central.

Can the Pirates make a playoff push with Paul Skenes leading the way?

Paul Skenes and Olivia Dunne
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The Pirates still have an uphill climb if they hope to overtake the NL Central. They're only down 7.5 games (as of this publishing) to the Milwaukee Brewers. Additionally, the team has looked good for the most part this season. But Paul Skenes has the talent to lead this franchise on a serious run leading up to the playoffs.

To do that the bats will have to pick up. It's not impossible though, as the Pirates have looked of late. Additionally, Paul Skenes and the rest of the pitching rotation must continue playing at a high level. Pittsburgh is right in the heat of the race right now. If this team can get hot these next few months then we could see the Paul Skenes and the Pirates participating in the postseason.