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Dwane Casey doesn’t want anyone crying for him

Dwane Casey

When the Toronto Raptors fired former head coach Dwane Casey a couple of months ago, many believed that he was used as the scapegoat for the team’s failures over the past few years. However, it appears that the new Detroit Pistions head coach himself has moved on from that episode and has recently stated that he does not want anyone feeling bad for him for how things went down.

When asked by Dave Feschuk of The Star about how he feels about Nick Nurse — Casey’s long-time assistant who was selected to be his replacement as the Raptors’ new head coach — reportedly not reaching out to him after the 61-year-old head coach was sacked by the Toronto front office, Casey was very straightforward with his response.

“That’s his prerogative,” Dwane Casey said of Nurse. “The only thing that hurts — and I’m not hurt, I’m a big boy, but the only thing you think about: When we hired (Nurse) in Toronto, he had never had an NBA interview … We brought him aboard. But it is what it is. This is the NBA. Don’t cry for me. If they feel like he’s the guy for the job, so be it. If I was the problem after building the program for seven years, so be it. That’s Ujiri’s decision.”

As it turns out, Casey and Nurse did not appear to have ended their professional relationship in good terms. Nonetheless, as he said, this is water under the bridge for Casey who is now tasked with quite a challenging duty of bringing back the glory days to Detroit.