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PlayStation Exclusive Kena: Bridge of Spirits gets delayed again

PlayStation Exclusive Kena: Bridge of Spirits Sony Ember Lab

Ember Lab’s highly anticipated action-adventure game Kena: Bridge of Spirits has been pushed back to September to “polish the game across all platforms,”

Ember Lab announced Kena: Bridge of Spirits on June 11, 2020. The game is a PlayStation exclusive and was originally supposed to release this march. However, during Sony’s State of Play presentation in February 2021, a release date of August 24 was set alongside the release of a new trailer. Sadly, the developers had to delay it once more.

“The team has been working extremely hard” the team stated. “We know many of you are eager to play and we appreciate your patience as the team continues to work on delivering the best version of Kena.”

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. The story follows Kena, a young spirit guide who uses her magical abilities to help deceased people move from the physical to the spirit world. It caught many gamers’ attention for its Pixar-Esque art style. Fans of Sony are hoping it can rival Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

It seems like gamers can’t get a break this 2021. Many games like Just Cause Mobile and SkateBIRD have also been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. Hopefully, the trend of video games getting pushed back would soon be over. Especially now that the world is slowly getting back on its feet.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be available on PS4, PS5, and PC once it releases on September 21.