Wanting to mix things up, GameFreak will hedge their bets on Pokemon Legends Arceus. In an entirely new adventure experience for Pokemon fans, we find out just how different this game will be from the traditional Pokemon games. Check out the newly-released Pokemon Legends Arceus official trailer below.

WATCH: Pokemon Legends Arceus Official Trailer

The new trailer introduces us to the new Hisui region, an area we can explore while riding our Pokemon. While on the backs of majestic Pokemon – both in land, water, and mid-air – we can apparently throw Pokeballs to unsuspecting Pokemon to catch them. We're also introduced to Wardens, who apparently protect ‘special Pokemon.' While they do appear to be talkative, sadly we still don't have any voice acting for the game. We also got to see some item crafting, fashion choices and character customization, photo mode, and ‘Pokemon nobles.' Particularly, we meet Kleavor, a Bug/Rock noble Pokemon that looks like a giant Scyther.

Most importantly, we saw how some of the combat will work in Pokemon Legends Arceus. After seeing a noble Pokemon for the first time, it rushes towards the player, knocking him down. Then, we saw scenes of the player dodge-rolling to avoid Kleavor's attacks. Finally, we see them throwing a powder-like substance to reduce its health, which seems to calm it down enough for it to enter battle with your Pokemon. Once your Pokemon comes out, the game enters an RPG battle phase, with similar mechanics to Final Fantasy VII to Final Fantasy X‘s ATB system.

Pokemon Legends Arceus will be coming out on January 28, 2022.