This list (mine, especially) of Pokémon guides will never feel complete without my favorite purple, chonky boy in tow, Gengar. In this Pokémon SV Guide, we’ll let you know how to get Gengar in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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Gengar remains to be one of the strongest special attackers in the Pokémon games with its staggering base special attack stat of 130 and high speed of 110. It can learn powerful moves like Shadow Ball, Toxic, and Hex which makes Gengar a great addition to any team. Although, take note that Gengar is weak against dark and fellow ghost types and is paired with a low defense stat which makes it a little easy to knock out.

How to get Gengar in Scarlet and Violet?

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Normally, you can catch a Ghastly, evolve it to Haunter, and trade it to a friend to make it evolve into Gengar. Luckily in Scarlet and Violet, there is an NPC in Levincia City in front of the battle court who wants a Pincurchin that will trade you a Haunter in return. Levincia City is one of the cities where you partake in the gym battle for the Victory Road path and that makes it easy for you to get a Gengar fast.

Where to get Pincurchin?

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You can only find Pincurchin in a few areas but the best bet would be at the beaches near Levincia in East Province (Area Two). Ride Koraidon or Miraidon, leap through the river, and head on to Sandy Shoal. Pincurchin is fairly hard to find but if you really want to push this Gengar trade so badly, patience is a virtue.

Most of the Pincurchin you will find are at around level 20 so make sure you bring a Pokémon around the same level or use one with False Swipe.

Go back to the NPC in Levincia City, and trade your freshly caught Pincurchin for her Haunter. Let the trade commence and voila, you’ve got yourself a chonky boy of your own.

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