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Poofesure plays two perfect Wii Sports Bowling games in a row

Poofesure, Wii Sports Bowling

Kienan Robert “Poofesure” Kowalski just did what many would deem impossible, not just once, but twice. The Twitch streamer and Youtuber just successfully played two perfect Wii Sports Bowling games in a row on-stream.

Watch Poofesure Score Endless Strikes in Wii Sports Bowling

Many people already have a hard time scoring a single strike in bowling, much less hitting strikes in succession. However, Poofesure found a way to do this reliably. During one of his streams, he scored strike after strike after strike in Wii Sports Bowling. You can raise the Wii Remote and swing it in a specific way, which increases your chances for a strike. Fans can watch it again on his Youtube re-play video.

However, Poofesure admits that his strategy isn’t completely foolproof. Right after he scored two consecutive 300 point-games, he went for another go. Perhaps he was aiming for a three in a row. But it’s not meant to be. The very first shot he had in the very next game he played scored only a nine. “Well, I got two in a row,” Poofesure says in the video.

“It is still possible to f*** it up… I’m not going to complain about getting two perfect games in a row. After all the hours I’ve put into trying to get a perfect game, I cannot believe I was able to get two in a row.”

He then claims he could have gone for a third one had he been a little bit more careful. Poofesure then said he felt confident enough that he can come back again anytime to the game and get a perfect game. However, further attempts to replicate his success have failed so far, with his strategy only netting him 9 pins.

Still, congratulations to him for being able to pull this off on his stream.