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You can now pre-order eFootball loot boxes, thanks Konami

eFootball loot boxes pre-order, eFootball, Konami

Soccer is a very popular worldwide sport, and its popularity even allows two football games to remain competitive against each other, in spite of both games being heavily monetized using microtransactions. Indeed, these games lean so much on microtransactions that Konami has decided to kill its Pro Evolution Soccer franchise in favor of the upcoming free-to-play eFootball game. It’s not surprising for a free-to-play game to have microtransactions, but what’s surprising is Konami’s decision to offer a pre-order of eFootball‘s loot boxes. Yes, you can pre-order loot boxes, months before you can actually start opening them.

Konami recently revealed more information about their game, and of course, they excitedly revealed how they will be earning from their upcoming free-to-play title. They also released a roadmap that doesn’t really paint the game they are marketing in a good light. After all, the game will launch on September 30 with only limited game modes and playability with other consoles online. Game modes will go on sale a month later, with the ability to build your own teams only coming in November, which is where the loot boxes will come in.

When eFootball comes out on September 30 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC, you’ll immediately get the ability to purchase loot boxes. This technically counts as a pre-order of the eFootball loot boxes, as you won’t be able to open them until the aforementioned update in November.

Regardless of eFootball‘s quality and fun factor, we hope that this kind of monetization practice won’t become a standard procedure for publishers.