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Princess Connect! RE:Dive ad used Drones forming QR code in the sky

Princess Connect! RE: Dive, QR Code

Over 1,500 drones flew over the night sky in Shanghai earlier this week. These drones formed a giant QR Code in the sky. When scanned, the QR Code leads to a download link to Princess Connect! Re: Dive. Talk about taking marketing to the next level.


A giant QR Code appeared in the night sky above The Bund in Shanghai, China. When you scan the QR Code, you will arrive at a website promoting Princess Connect! RE:Dive by BiliBili. The genius behind this goes through three levels. First, no one can ignore a spectacle like that, so it definitely took hold of people’s eyeballs. Second, the light show doesn’t simply celebrate the game but also promotes the game thanks to the personalized QR Code. Finally, since someone recorded the light show on camera, curious individuals can still scan the QR Code after watching the video.

Bilibili commissioned the drones to do a lights show to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Princess Connect! RE:Dive‘s launch in China. The game, which launched in the Western market this January, came from a collaboration between Crunchyroll Games, Cygames, and funplex. The RPG game not only offers a great gameplay experience for players but also features fully animated cutscenes.

This isn’t the first time that Bilibili used giant QR Codes to promote Princess Connect! RE:Dive. During its launch last year, they also used the same trick. As reported by Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, Bilibili projected a massive QR code on the side of their building. Bilibili wisely didn’t put any context, prompting curious people to scan the QR Code just to know what’s it about. It will prompt people to check out the website at the very least, securing website traffic. Signing up for the game just acts as a bonus.