A massive update is dropping on April 14. The PS5 April Update will be bringing in new features for Sony's latest console. This will be the first big update for the PlayStation 5, and you can read all about the changes here.


The PS5 April Update for the PlayStation 5 arrives with a massive update on storage. Sony is now pushing for a PS5 feature that they promised to come out post-launch. Owners of USB external drives can now store game data in their consoles. However, games still have to be saved in the console's internal storage before you can play the games. Thankfully, moving the files from internal to external and vice versa won't take too long. The process will be seamless.

But before you go out buying an external hard drive for your PlayStation 5, make sure you know which ones are compatible with the console. From the PS5 April Update blog post, Sony recommended checking out this article first to know more about which hard drives can maximize the console's hardware.


With your expanded storage, you will have more to share for everyone. With that in mind, the PS5 April Update also brings new social features for PS5 owners to enjoy. Sony is introducing a feature that is very similar to the Steam Remote Play Together feature on PC. Called “Cross-Generational Share Play”, PS5 owners can stream a live feed of their screens to PS4 owners. They can even share controls, allowing them to essentially play PS5 games on their PS4.

Meanwhile, a “Request to Join” option has been added to make it easier to join game sessions between the two consoles.

Finally, Sony will be adding new features on the PlayStation App, such as joining PS5 play sessions from the app. According to Sony, they will be releasing more details about this soon.