PSG superstar Neymar has taken to social media to express his heartfelt farewell to his former teammate Lionel Messi, whose departure from PSG has been officially confirmed, reported by Messi, who joined PSG after leaving Barcelona, is set to leave the French club at the end of his contract, amid a reported mega-money offer from Saudi Arabia that could potentially see him earn a staggering $498 million per year. Neymar and Messi have formed a strong bond during their time together at Barcelona and PSG, and the Brazilian forward considers Messi to be like a brother.

In a message shared on social media, Neymar conveyed his gratitude and affection for Messi. Translated from Portuguese, Neymar's message reads, “Brother… it didn't turn out as we thought but we tried everything. It was a pleasure to share two more years with you. Good luck in your new stage and be happy. I love you.”

The duo's partnership on the field has been highly successful, and their close relationship off the field has been evident throughout their time together. Neymar's farewell message reflects the deep connection and respect they have for each other.

As for PSG, the club celebrated winning the league title this season. However, their title celebrations were subdued due to concerns over the health of goalkeeper Sergio Rico, who remains hospitalized following a horse-riding accident. In the UEFA Champions League, PSG were eliminated in the round-of-16 stage by Bayern Munich.

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi's future destination remains uncertain, with reports suggesting potential interest from the Premier League, including clubs like Chelsea and Newcastle. While a move to Saudi Arabia is widely discussed, Messi's next move will undoubtedly draw attention from football fans around the world.

As the news of Messi's departure from PSG reverberates throughout the football community, Neymar's emotional farewell message serves as a reminder of the special bond they shared as teammates and friends.