Ubisoft recently revealed the details for Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 Season 1, Operation Deadly Omen, including its release date, the new Operator Deimos, and more.

Operation Deadly Omen Release Date: March 12, 2024

Operation Deadly Omen has a release date of March 12, 2024. That's two weeks from now as of this article. This is the first operation of the year and introduces the new Attack Operator Deimos. The operation also includes changes to the shield mechanic, attachment and ADS upgrades, and more. But first, let's talk about the newest Operator.

Operation Deadly Omen Operator Deimos

The new Operator coming to Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deadly Omen is Deimos, an American Operator. He is a 2 Health 2 Speed Operator and is a former Rainbow member. Now, he is an international terrorist and is looking to take out the rest of Rainbow. His Gadget, the DeathMark Tracker can track any of the Defenders that have been discovered. Once activated, the tracker will follow and track the chosen Defender, allowing Deimos to see their location live.

While the DeathMark Tracker is activated, Deimos is only able to use his unique .44 Vendetta sidearm, which can easily take down even the tankiest of defenders. Of course, this gadget has two downsides. The first is that the Defenders receive an alert whenever someone is being tracked. The second is that the Defender being tracked will receive occasional pings showing Deimos' location.

For loadout options, players can run either the AK-74M assault rifle, or the M590A1 shotgun. For secondary options, Deimos only has access to the .44 Vendetta, equipped with a special scope. Deimos also has access to Frag Grenades, Hard Breach Charges, and Smoke Grenades.

Shield Changes

This Operation brings an update to Ballistic Shield operators, as well as Montagne and Blitz. Although players can no longer hip fire after the update, they instead can sprint with the shield equipped. Not only that, but Shield Operators can now push through full-health barricades instead of having to melee it. This update also introduces the Suppresive Fire feature. Whenever Defenders shoot at Shield Operators, they are slowed down, and will have altered vision until the Suppresive Fire ends. Finally, Shield Operators can now Free Look while holding their shield up, allowing them to look around without having to turn their shields.

Attachment and ADS Changes

Changes are coming to weapon attachments, as well as when aiming down a weapon's sights. For starters, changes will be made to grips:

  • Horizontal Grip is a new grip that increases Operator movement speed.
  • Vertical Grip has been updated to reduce recoil control to +20% (down from 25).
  • Angled Grip has been changed to have a bonus to +20% reload speed Increase.

Under Barrel lasers now also give a 10% bonus to Aim Down Sight Speed. Finally, updates were made to the game's sights:

  • 1.5x to Magnified scope: No bonus. 2.5x magnification.
  • 2.0x to Telescopic scope: No bonus. 3.5x magnification.
  • 3.0x to Telescopic scope: No bonus. 3.5x magnification.

Operator Balancing

Azami's Kiba Barriers have been very strong, so changes are being made to them. Kiba Barriers now have health bars and are vulnerable to bullets. The caliber of the weapon affects the damage dealt to Kiba Barriers.  Finka's Adrenaline Boost has been changed to not increase Reload Speed. However, it now cleans shields' Suppressive Fire, and will reduce its effects by 50%.

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Other Operation Deadly Omen Updates

Ranked Restrictions are being introduced to the game, split between Returning and New Players. For Returning Players (those who have been inactive for a season) will need to win five Quick Match or Standard matches. New Players, on the other hand, must own 10 Attack and 10 Defense Operators, as well as have a Clearance Level of 50.

Players will also have access to the brand-new Locker feature. The Locker is a new management system that allows players to browse their cosmetic collections conveniently. Not only that, but it also makes it easier for players to find what they are looking for, as the Locker has tabs for a Pack manager, the player's Favorites, Operator, Weapon, and Device showcases. and more.

Improvements have also been made to the Rappel system, as well as the throwables system. For Rapelling, the system has been tweaked to make it feel more natural and responsive whenever Attackers enter or exit a Rappel. As for throwables, the Operation will introduce the Trajectory Previsualization feature. This feature allows players to see where their throwable device will end up. This applies not just to grenades, but also to devices that stick to walls. This is available on all game modes, and can be toggled on and off.

New Maps are also making their way to the Versus AI playlist. Five maps in total will be introduced: Chalet, Oregon, Consulate, Bank, and Kafe Dostoyevsky. Chalet, Oregon, and Club House are available on the beginner and advanced modes, while Consulate, Bank, and Kafe are available on Advanced. The AI can now play as Melusi and Alibi, while players can now play as Lion, Jackal, Iana, Buck, Finka, and Ash.

Game balancing updates will also be added to Siege once Deadly Omen goes live. As there are quite a few, players can head over to the official Operation Deadly Omen site for more information.

That's all the information we have about the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deady Omen, its new operator Deimos, and more. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.