Kevin Durant wants out of the Brooklyn Nets, which is music to the ears of several NBA general managers. Any time a player like that wants to switch teams, that's already a step closer to a dream becoming a reality for the other 29 teams in the league — the dream being having an all-time great, future Hall of Famer, bona fide bucket-getter, who can get it done on all three levels. The Toronto Raptors are rumored to be an ideal landing spot for Durant, but Toronto appears to be not going to be swayed into including Scottie Barnes in a package for a potential trade for KD.

Via Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report:

The Raptors are the most obvious team fitting that description. For Toronto to land Ayton, the Raptors would need to sacrifice valuable players or picks in a sign-and-trade that could be used for Durant instead. Of important note regarding Toronto: Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation say the Raptors are unwilling to part with reigning Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes.

While Durant deserves great attention whenever he's on the trade block, the Raptors understandably can't just pull the trigger so easily on letting someone like Barnes walk away for this kind of transaction to push through. He is one of the best players on the Raptors, and he's just 20. Toronto has not even seen him in his top form yet. He is only getting better, and that could come years from now when  Durant is either out of the league or is just a shell of his former self.